Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Lot

Everybody has a 'lot in life'. Meaning that everyone has a set of things that they do for most of their lives, be it toil the land, protecting the innocent, victimizing the innocent, being a mooch, a partier, a sex fiend, a religious person or whatever. We all have, it seems, a set of actions that we always tend to fall back to throughout our lives.

We may see that our lot is self-controlling or self-destructive or perhaps we grow tired of the same old, same old and strive for something new; but at some point we try to change or are forced to change our lot. The change that we succumb to or strive for, may only be short lived for we almost always seem to fall back into our old ways of being. No matter how hard we strive for change, we seem to be sucked back to the way things were.

My lot is one of peace and understanding. I am a peaceful person; although perhaps a bit crazy at times, one that can or tries to relate to everyone with understanding. It is also a lot that is filled with loving friends and family, but nothing greater than that in any sort of relationship other than friendship. No matter how I strive to break out of this mold, I get poured into an exact duplicate, like Jell-o being readied for chilling.

I am a cosmic joke for Love, the mold keeps me contained to only be a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear, never much else. I continue forth in this lot for the hope that one day the mold will break without another replacement at hand for me to be bottled into, so that someday I can taste the sweet flavor that Love has to offer.