Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Fall Into Sadism

I have become a sadist.

Not the ball gag, leather wearing, being whipped while wearing nipple clamps, safe word using type of sadist. But a sadist nonetheless.

Originally this was going to be a commentary about those that go to gyms and use the device that is called an elliptical machine; I prefer to call it a medieval torture device, but that has changed. It seems that I have become indoctrinated unto their ways of pain, for I have now begun to use the infernal contraption on a regular basis.

When I first started using the damn thing, I could only do five minutes but it seemed that on the third or fourth day I managed to do twenty minutes. I don't know what happened or what the hell got into me, but there it was, me doing more than five minutes.

I fear I may be slipping into a dangerous bit of exercising with this new found bit of sadism.

When I was first starting, I would make fun of those that would get on the torturous devices for being able to do more than myself. How could someone manage to maintain such a level of commitment to staying on it?

There is a girl that is sometimes there when I arrive that is on a device when I get there, on it the entire time that I am and still on it after I leave. This is usually about an hours worth of time, I can't comprehend how she can continue to do such an amount of time.

I have labeled her the Queen of the Sadists and I bow at her feet in worship of her torture device prowess.

Amber, I have done 25 minutes and could easily do 30, if I wanted to. Time to step up.