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Friday, February 15, 2013

Weight Loss Update

It has been a year since I started using Herbalife to lose weight and during that time I became a distributor with the intention of becoming financially independent from having to work for someone else; that has not happened yet, but I am still looking towards that goal without changing it.  When I started my journey, I was at 224 lbs and 33% body fat; now I am at 207 lbs and 24% body fat.  Is that a huge change, no, but for someone that started going to the gym to workout for three years before starting Herbalife and having only lost 5 lbs during that time, it is a huge change for me.

Also within the past year, my mom has gone down from 250 lbs to 193 lbs.  She has struggled with her weight her whole life as well and now feels much better about herself, she is not where should would like to be but is very happy with the results she has gotten so far.

I even started my girlfriend on some Herbalife product to help her with some issues and with the help of aloe,  protein bars, and some other items, things are going much better for her.

I would love to help anyone that needs help in losing weight, as that is what I really want to do and am passionate about.  I want to reach those level 10 results and help everyone reach those results as well.

*Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, when the body is getting complete nutrition at the cellular level amazing results can occur!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have been using Herbalife for five months now and have lost nine pounds so far.  That is not the huge loss I was hoping for when I started, which was disappointing considering I had lost seven in the first month to only plateau, then gain back some afterwards.  This was while going to the gym while using the products as well.  Now, some would say that I was gaining muscle and that would account for the weight gain, but that is not the case here, especially since the fat percentage that had gone done, went back up.  Muscle mass will not do that.

So I started thinking about what I was doing wrong.  I had become quite religious on tracking my food intake as well as my exercise during this time; I had been using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone before iChange was launched so I was aware of my history of exercise and food consumed.  With this thinking back, I remembered that when I started Herbalife, I felt great.  I had good energy, was losing weight, going to the gym, it was all gravy.  Then I plateaued.  I still felt good, still had energy and was still going to the gym.  Then I started to gain weight.  Right after I joined iChange.  It was not the fault of iChange, just bad timing of it all.  I continued on with everything and eventually came to a conclusion.

I wasn't eating enough.

With that thought in mind, I did some research.  In the beginning, I was told to eat 1500 calories a day, iChange advised 1932 a day.  With some further research, I concluded that I was putting my body in starvation mode when I would go to the gym.  I was eating the calories I was initially instructed to but once I entered the exercise in, I would be far below where I should be.  I also discovered that the minimum that the body needs in caloric intake a day is 1500 for men and 1200 for women.

I was at that from the start! 

No good.

So now, I am eating more, while staying out of the gym for now.  I have been hitting my caloric daily goal of 1932 and going over without fear, have lost some weigh to even being under a pound from when I started iChange and have lost the fat percentage that I had lost initially.

I am now thinking about heading back to the gym knowing what I know now.  Forming a battle plan now to keep losing while toning, without putting my body into starvation mode again.  Of course this plan starts with having to eat more but I am leaning towards purchasing something from the 24 line to aid in that.  Either some Prolong or Prepare.