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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Normally I stay away from politics, religious and other polarizing topics most of the time on here because I am usually either not read into the subject well enough to have a valid point of view that doesn't boil down to "because I said so"; or that I just don't care enough about it.

As far as transgender goes, I do not care if someone identifies as a man or woman while having been born as the other.

Nor do I care if they use the restroom they identify with as long as they are dressed appropriately. Let me clarify that statement, a female that identifies as a man, should not be wearing a skirt into the men's restroom; nor should a male that identifies as a woman be wearing a suit with a beard and going into the women's restroom either.

If you identify as a particular gender, dress as such.

Transgenders have been using the restroom they identify with for years without issue. If a transgender got caught using the "wrong" restroom, they would be asked to leave. Yes, worse things could happen depending on where this took place and depending on the person's actual gender.

Why is it now an issue?

Is it the entitled ideology that's been popping up lately that has pushed this?

What brought this post was a clip from an online news show called, " The Young Turks" in which, they talked about a woman that was removed from a ladies restroom because she didn't look like a woman. She didn't have identification to prove she was female so she was removed.

Back in high school I was called ma'am one time because I had long hair then. So, if I shaved and grew my hair out, could I mistakenly be tossed out of the men's restroom because I don't look like a fucking lumberjack?