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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I watched Skyline today.  I'm not sure why it was called Skyline as there was no mention of skylines in the movie.

This movie is your standard us vs. them type of movie.  Us, being the unconquerable humans and our never-go-down-without-a-fight attitude vs. some alien race looking to wipe us out.

Now this movie is not your standard of those type of films, ala, Independence Day where they tell multiple stories throughout with the most common of people, all the way to highest ranking official in the land but Skyline only focuses on a small group of people fighting for survival.  The military is in the movie but not in some grand battle like ID4 but only in bits in pieces.  It never is explained as to why the military doesn't react sooner, maybe they are one of the first people to be taken by the aliens.


Yeah, the aliens are taking humans en masse for our brains.  The aliens must be some sort of hyper-evolved zombie space faring race.

The movie has only one story line and that is the guy and girl we meet at the beginning are gonna have a child. The woman tells the man only after they make it to L.A. from N.Y. while there to celebrate his buddies birthday.

No, I do not remember their names or anyone else's from the movie as the movie did not endear itself to me nor did those characters.

Everyone gets harvested that is in the movie or dies, except at the end when they guy and girl are taken in the ship.  He has his brain removed via having his head and skull vaporized; she gets to keep hers for the time being, since she is with child.

Here it gets interesting, all other brains that get removed, scanned, processed and get implanted into some sort of beast, all of those brains are blue.  The guy's brain is red for some reason and gets implanted into same type of beast as the others.  Seems he is able to overcome the new body and control it since he had a red brain, I guess.  In the process he is able to save the girl and baby, for the time being.

Movie ends.

Just a thought, as they are scanning these brains and notice a discrepancy, I would think that any abnormal colored brains would be rejected from the group.  I would imagine drug users, mental instabilities and other trauma would affect the brain in an odd way that the aliens would go, "Naahhhh, not acceptable."  Maybe these space zombies are just too hungry for some gray to ignore.

There is a motto here though: Love conquers all or Love knows no bounds.

Your pick.