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Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is the letter I promised a while back. It is something that came to me after a short nap one Sunday evening.

I hope you enjoy it.


Dear Miss Sultana Bauchant,

I am your biggest fan. It saddens me to hear about your recent and sudden illness. I have followed your career since you were hired on to Sufferage & Banks as a young upstart attorney out to show the world that you do not lie on your back to get ahead in this world, but by the hard pace you set for yourself. I was even more impressed when you ran for District Attorney on the platform of not letting the guilty get away no matter the cost. Your victory was nothing short of phenomenal, as was your tenacity of closing cases.

I was delighted to read in the local paper of your engagement and subsequent marriage to local millionaire banker. I was almost moved to tears when seeing the fantastic pictures in a special section of the local paper of the wedding; from the very paper that his father owns. Then to see the news coverage of the honeymoon that the governor of the state sent you two love birds on, it was heart wrenching to say the least.

Though that was all short lived when the news came that tragedy had struck your little fairy tale; of the tragedy that beset your groom, while on your honeymoon no less. How agonizing it must have been to hear his agonizing cries of pain as all you could do is stand on the balcony and stare at his broken body while he bled out.

What joy you must have felt when at the reading of his will, you were the sole benefactor to his massive wealth. His homes, businesses, cars, yachts and not to mention all the stock, bonds and other unknown bits of wealth you came to hold favor over.

Then to see you start to squander it all away like some child in a candy store, buying all the sweets you could get your grubby little hands on.

It sickened me.

To know that man loved you will all his heart, with his soul and for you not to feel anything for him, but only loved him for his wealth and affluence that holy union brought to you.

What kind of monster must someone be to place an end to all the charitable donations, college grants for underprivileged kids and donations to homeless shelters that the dearly deceased had been such a force of good for? Did that bring you some sort of joy in to your life to end promise and hope that many of the unfortunate looked forward to? Then to place an end to the work programs that he had initiated for the homeless to help them become productive members of society.

I know of your hit and run on the way from the roadhouse on that dark night, when you hit that pregnant lady walking on the side of the road. The fact you lied about it saying someone must have hit your care while you were at the bar and then to have the owner corroborate your story was the icing on the cake.

It was closed as an 'unfortunate accident', lucky for you.

I know about the ethics violations that you were investigated for and how you slept with the investigator to have it go in your favor. Pity for those that wouldn't fall under your charm as you would then instigate that they offered to have this 'all go away' if you would just sleep with them.

I know about the missing evidence when you were defending the clients at the law firm. I also know about the planted evidence by your 'good ole boys' you knew on the force that you once slept with when you were District Attorney.

Seems you would do anything to win a case, no matter the means.

All that is now in the past as your illness must have your doctors baffled. I see the charts, hear their concerns and see their failed attempts to find out what has befallen such an angel.

If they only knew the truth about you or your sickness they wouldn't waste their precious time. For you see, your illness is actually caused by a poison. Such a poison that knows no antidote. One that if administered in large enough dosage, will quite quickly kill with no trace left behind. In smaller dosages, it will lead doctors on a wild goose chase for four days before causing the victim to succumb to its effects.

You are on day three, I hope you can find peace in short notice as the list of people that you should make amends to must be quite a list.

How will you spend the last 24 hours of your life?


Lady Death


That is the letter. I do hope you enjoyed it as this was a detraction from my usual postings as it was not a commentary or some self-reflection as is the usual bits that I post.