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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


If you look on the internet these days looking for advice on writing, you'll find a bevy of sites and authors and writers telling you the correct way to write.  You'll get advice from what type of  paper to use; to which is better, the pen or the pencil and then which sub-types of those is better; which program on the computer is better; which blog site is better; what is the proper way to write a story or whatever.  The point is, the amount of advice out there is as abundant and varied as there are faces and asses out on the street.

There is no right or wrong way to write.  You just need to write what you feel needs to be said at that particular moment in your time; not at that time or what you think, but what you feel and in your time.  If you feel you need to write expose ratting out the wrongs done by the school bullies to the small youth in your younger days or if you feel that the time is right for the world to read about your passion for micro-photography or the fictional story of a dying planet risking everything for the hope of a tomorrow, then write it.  

Don't worry about having the correct space, the correct chair, the correct ambient light or background noise; if it is meant to be written by you at that time, it will flow forth from your mind, to your hands, through your implement, to your medium.  You will edit, think about and ponder your next steps, scene and characters through several re-reads till you feel it is perfect.

Be proud.  You have created something, breathed life into something that was not there before.  It is something that will be overlooked, ignored, loved, hated, praised but always be yours and only yours.  No one will be able to take that fact away that you created it.