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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding Bigfoot

There is a show on Animal Planet (a Discovery channel) that freaks me out.  It's called, Finding Bigfoot.  This is a show were four people go around the country investigating stories of Bigfoot encounters.   Anywhere from the great northwest to the swamps of south Florida in their investigations.  They hear the stories from the local(s) that were involved, then go about researching the area for clues and signs of the creature or creatures.

This is were it tends to get a little freaky for me.

During this time, they are usually out in the area of the sightings, in the dark, at night, in the late hours, looking for Bigfoots.  Using infrared cameras; the ones that cast that hauntingly green hue to the subjects, thermal cameras and even calling the Bigfoots.

Yes, CALLING the Bigfoots.


There are a couple of methods to do so.  There is 'knocking' where you take a solid piece of wood and hit a tree with it, which sounds like a bat hitting a baseball.  There is calling, where they will either employ one of the members to 'call' a Bigfoot, which is like howling sort of or they will use audio equipment to broadcast a recorded call of a Bigfoot.

Of course the editing of the show does nothing to ease the suspense of what is going on, they will cut to commercial just as someone hears, sees or thinks something is going on and as soon as it comes back, they replay the moment to keep building the suspense.

To date of the few episodes that I have seen, they have not gotten anything substantial in the way of proof.  Just some weirdness, knocks, calls and maybe some other evidence but nothing really on camera or any of them being mauled by a Bigfoot.

It's one of those shows that get me drawn in when I don't want to be, especially when I know it will freak me out.

I wonder if it is on tonight?