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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Is Making Me An Asshole

Facebook is making me an asshole.  It truly is.  It has taken my normal caring and concerning attitude towards my friends and has slowly begun eroding it down to the level of 'I don't give a fuck.'

How has this happened?

Like most things within the world of Facebook, it starts of innocent enough.  You make posts, friends comment or like what you have to say and everyone has a jolly good time.  In time, however, things start to change and that you become tired of some of the drivel that comes across your newsfeed, most of it usually pertaining to somebody's drama dealing with family, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, work, friends and of course, friends on Facebook.  All of this usually by the people who claim they do not do drama.

Unfortunately, they have more drama than TNT.

After this long exposure of reading through other peoples craptastic, worthless posts, I have become jaded to the whole thing and no longer care.  I no longer care that your family are a bunch of losers; you can choose your friends but not your family, so get over it.

I no longer care that some bitches are talking shit about you; maybe there is a reason, if not, then delete them and forget about it.

I no longer care about the next big medical non-issue you have; it's called being a hypochondriac, look it up and stop watching all those shows about parasites living inside you.

I no longer care that you do not have the wherewithal to go out to find a job; it's warming up, so get off your ass and go find a job, there are places hiring.

I no longer care that you are a lazy, slovenly, slob that cannot motivate yourself to lose weight; put down the fucking video game and go for a walk, the fresh air will do wonders.

I just no longer care that once a month you post that it is time to 'clean house'; if you delete me, boo-fucking-hoo, you weren't a true friend to begin with.

See what I mean, I am being turned into an asshole.

Women like assholes, so maybe my love life will start to liven up.