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Monday, November 2, 2009


Recently I have been realizing with all the people that I know and have known that many of them can be lumped into certain groups. These groups do not just apply to the people that I know, but can be used for anybody and that most people will actually fit into a couple of the same groups without any problems.

So here they are.

  • True Friends: These are the people that will drop what they are doing to help you in your time of need and if by some chance they cannot, they will find someone that can or point you in the direction of someone that can. These are most likely people you have known for ages, people that you would have no trouble calling them a 'best friend'.
  • Party Friends: These are your going out buds, the ones you go have some adventures with, run from the law with and generally have a good frickin' time with. These same people can be the same 'true friends' and if they aren't yet, these adventures may just make them so.
  • Co-worker Friends: These are the people you work with. Either it be past or present, these people are sometime outside of work friends, usually for drinks or nights out. If not, when seen outside of work you may stop for a quick word or hello or just a friendly nod or wave of acknowledgment works.
  • Network Friends: These are usually people from online or from business networks. Online friends are those from social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook or any online forum that you may be on. These people you may have never met in real life outside of those sites. Business network friends are people that you usually meet from your line of work but are not co-workers, they may be vendors, suppliers or people from another business that interacts with yours.
Now for the class of people that pretend to be true or party but are not either. These people are wolves in sheep's clothing and should be best kept away for you to be happy in ones life.

  • Convenience Friends: These are not friends at all. These people act like they are a truer friend than they really are, usually to keep you around until they need something from you or until something better comes along. These people use you for whatever means they need at the time. You go out with them, you end up driving them around to every bar they wish to go to or you end up paying for them. They need your help in dire emergencies related to them, but you will almost never hear a word from them when you may need some help from them. These people just take, never to give back to their 'friends'. These people have a lot of drama in their lives and love to be talked about or to be the center of attention either within a group or just one on one settings. They tend to have issues, deep seeded ones that you may clearly know about or just haven't really made the connection at the moment. These issues most likely cannot be fixed by you; unless you are a psychiatrist or therapist.
Of course the 'convenience friend' can apply to all of the other groupings on here, but time will truly tell what they are to you.