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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Everyone knows that Santa is a jolly old soul, gives presents to all the good boys and girls, lives on the North Pole, has elves making all the toys he gives out, has eight tiny reindeer and is married to Mrs. Claus.

Seems lately that Old St. Nick has been found hocking many things this year.  From BestBuy to Mercedes, guess the Coca-Cola contract finally ended.

Santa hocking Ancestry.com

It is a little disturbing knowing that Santa is related to a tooth thief.

Santa helping BestBuy.

Of course all of these moms don't know that with one phone call, that dollar for a tooth will go back to a shilling.

Santa selling trucks.

Of course Santa owns a Mercedes

When Santa wants to have some fun on vacation.

With Santa hocking his face in all of these ads I'm not sure if he has sold out to the man, fallen on hard times,  isn't that busy because there aren't that many good boys and girls as there used to be or is just letting people know that he is still out there, waiting, watching, checking to see who is naughty and who is nice.

Merry Christmas.