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Friday, September 27, 2019

S. H. I. E. L. D. / Endgame

Slowly catching up on Agents of SHIELD and I've just finished the episode where Fitz has the mental break and Mainframe Fitz takes control.

I only say that so if you are familiar with the show, you know where I am.


This season of SHIELD they were transported into the future, then managed to return to their current time to fix/prevent the future from happening.  The future being that the Earth was destroyed and split apart. Rumor is that Daisy/Quake was the cause, she is the world destroyer.

Now what does this have to do with Endgame?  Well, both  Agents of SHIELD and Endgame deal with time travel as a main plot point.  AoS, the agents are sent into the future via one of the monoliths; there are three apparently.  In Endgame, Banner Hulk and Antman use the Quantum Realm to go back into time to be able to fix the future.

Here's where the hitch between the two is, in Endgame time travel is explained that the past cannot be changed, it is the past and is written.  All of the movies that deal with time travel are wrong in their premise that by changing the past, you change the future.  The butterfly effect is a lie so to speak.  Endgame isn't looking to fix the past because of this and decide to fix the present by fixing what Thanos took by stealing the infinity stones from the past bringing them into the future and reversing the snap.

Now with AoS, the plan is to stop the future by preventing the present.

I'm guessing that the way around the Endgame canon, (is it canon?) is that seeing that AoS were out of their correct time period and in the future after the world was destroyed AoS have not happened yet so they have the ability to change the future as the future has not been written yet.  AoS cannot go back to season 1 and prevent Ward from betraying them as the past is written.

I just explained this for myself by questioning everything.

You are welcome.