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Friday, May 13, 2011

Before 30

Blogger is apparently down, but I have something to say and I won't be deterred.

On FB, my real FB not the page for this site, a friend posted they need to accomplish something before the big 3-0.  So here is my list for all you kiddos that are looking to make your mark in life.

Rob a bank.

Go on a shooting spree.

Burn a village of indigenous people in some dirt water country.

Streak the Superbowl.

Make a porno and show to a gathering of world leaders.

Throw poo at the monkeys at the zoo.

Grow weed and sell it.

Go to a job interview all Charlie Sheen'ed.

Operate heavy machinery under the influence of an OTC medicine.

Wreck a flash mob.

Run a marathon...naked.

Hold your breathe until you pass out while riding a motorcycle.

Have a kid.

Eat said kid.

Steal a yacht.

Sink a yacht.

Jump off a balcony.

Delete all your friends on FB, then add complete strangers.

Follow random strangers around the mall.