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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Last Jedi

Finally watched "The Last Jedi" and I don't consider it the best, I did like it.

I have issues.

There are spoilers.

1. Admiral Holdo doesn't tell Poe the plan. Poe secretly sets in motion his own plan that possibly gets more people killed.

I understand the Admiral didn't need to tell Poe but what difference would it had made to not tell him? If he was made aware; along with the rest of the fleet, people would have been more trusting of just being bombarded by the First Order knowing they were heading to a base.

2. Hyperspace tracking.

This wasn't explained completely. Was there a device on the first ship the First Order was tracking or something else? If it was a device, just turn it off or destroy it and jump. If they were tracking some sort of residual trail from the jump, that changes things.

3. Rey and Kylo mind link.

Snoke didn't have a hand in this. He could read minds but creating the link wasn't his doing, he was just using that information to keep Kylo in step and try to turn Rey.

4. Luke.

Not what I was expecting from the Jedi but I was not upset with him either.

For the next episode, the old guard is dead. General Leia will die off early in the movie seeing that Carrie Fisher has passed.

I still think that Rey and Kylo are brother and sister. Just like Luke and Leia; Rey and Kylo were separated at birth and grew up apart. Kylo learned the ways of the Force and Rey learned to junk.

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