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Sunday, March 1, 2015


I shot someone today.

I'm not proud of it by no means but it happened, nothing can change that fact.

Here's what happened.

I'm sitting in my crappy car in a parking lot, doing a few things for work. Mostly writing down numbers for banquets this week and then waiting for the girl to open a safe in room. While I'm waiting I'm just watching the traffic in the parking lot move about when I notice a guy try the drivers side door; I'm sitting on the passenger side for the extra room so the drivers door is locked. Guy walks around to my side, opens the door and tells me to get out. I notice the guns and get out. He tells me he's taking the car and don't try anything but I'm pissed that this guy thinks he can just take something that is mine and I go for my gun in the car, which is when he quickly pulls his gun and tells me to stop. I do, and slowly get out of the car while he walks to the driver door to get in. Once he gets in the car, he had his gun in the holster in his hand but another one on a shoulder rig holstered. I grabbed the one in his hand and proceed to unholster it and point it at him. This surprises him and he says, "what the fuck are you doing?"

I already have gun pointed at him and cocked back. He decided to call my bluff and reaches for the shifter and I pull the trigger.

Them I wake up.

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