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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I've been unemployed since the end of Oct of last year; 2014, and have yet to find any decent employment during this period of time.  I've been looking, filling out applications every week but to no avail.  Not at the end of the term of my unemployment benefits I am looking to start anew with my career.

I have been looking into getting a WIA (Workforce Investment Act) grant to go to CDL school.  I believe that this should open many more doors for me as far as employment goes seeing that all I currently have going for me is a HS diploma and work experience for the last 18 years.  The main issue that I have been running into in my job searching is that there are very few positions in the field that I was employed in for the past several years; purchasing for a resort.  Many other similar positions that are in the realm of purchasing are in other work fields that do not recognize hospitality purchasing experience, not to mention that every position that I have read require a four year degree, that is something that I do not have.

Only hitch to this plan of getting a CDL, is that many local driving positions are looking for a minimum of one year experience of driving and that experience should be verifiable.  Now what that means is that there is a possibility that I may have to go OTR (over the road) for at least a year, before any local companies would even consider me.  This does not mean that local jobs are not there but those not looking for experienced drivers are very far and few between those that are looking for that experience.

I am not excited if I have to go OTR, but being without a job and only getting a few interviews here and there for local non-driving jobs is stressful and depressing.  If it wasn't for my girlfriend helping to keep my mind off of much of this unemployed mess I would be drowning in my own self pity right now.

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