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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garden 2014

Started working on the garden at moms house this year and with the excessive rain that happened June/July of 2013, it has been decided to with deeper beds this year.  The rains from last year caused many of the less resilient plants to die off; corn, bush beans and tomatoes for one.

There were mistakes made last year, beds not deep enough, ground beneath beds not being broken up initially to name a few. This year, I am building deeper beds using old BP gas station sign material that was just laying around. 

Using a 4.5" angle grinder with a cutoff wheel, I measured and with the best ability tried to cut the sides as straight as possible.  The sides aren't the straightest but for the purpose of the design, they will work.  Cutting down a 2x4 that was used as a border for the old garden, it was re-purposed as the corner pieces for the raised beds.  Secured with #10x1.25" self tapping screws to attach the sides to the 2x4s.  Holes dug in the ground fighting roots from nearby tree using post hole diggers.  Ground was turned over to remove grass and to break up dirt as well as cut some of the hidden roots underneath.
The tires in above pic are from a failed potato crop from last year.  Aphids and ants did a number to kill off the potatoes.  I had a little better success at my girlfriends house using a trash can with similar method, no aphids there, ants but they didn't kill off the plants.  The harvest only consisted of fingerling sized potatoes once it was all dug up.

Back to the above raised beds, there are enough material to make another six beds, not sure if that many are needed but we'll see how it goes.  Also not sure what all to plant this year either, probably lettuce, cukes and tomatoes but unsure beyond that.

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