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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tip Shaming

Tip shaming seems to be the new thing to make the rawr on the internet. Now this is where a tipper writes some shaming sort of comment along with a low tip. The comment is along the lines of finding a better line of work to religious clergy giving ten percent why should the server get eighteen percent.

I don't believe in tipping a particular amount regardless of service received, the server is not entitled to a good tip in my book. Tips are based on the service received in my book, poor service is a poor tip, good service is a good tip. I base this on having been in and around restaurants my entire life, I understand that servers get half of minimum wage and they live off their tips but that doesn't excuse poor service.

Take this evening, my girlfriend and I went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner, the service was poor to say the least. The girl that waited on us seemed to be watching her daughter while at work and/or was new to serving; forgot to hand us straws, refill drinks and slow to get our order. She got about ten percent of the ticket maybe a touch more; I do not feel bad about this.

If the service was better, more would have been given. I do not believe in tipping a base amount because of the job that one decides to do. If you work for tips, you should be going above and beyond to get good tips, poor service does not equate good tips.

Just my two cents.

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