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Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Regrets

"Uncle, will you have any regrets when you die?" asks the boy.

Uncle sits back in his chair for a moment to ponder the question before answering, "No. When I pass from this world, I will bear with me no regrets of anything that I have or have not done."

"Why is that Uncle? Are you happy with everything that you've done?"

"In this world what ever it is that I have done, I cannot undo, those things have come to pass. There is no reason to look back at them with a sense of second guessing for what I have done. Sure, there are some moments, that shortly after they were done, I wish I could redo or take back but in this world they are done."

"Don't you wish that you had married or have had kids, Uncle?"

"Of course, my boy, but that has not happened and I do not regret it."

"Why?" the boy asked quizzically.

"Well, there is a thought or theory out there that this Earth is not the only one out there, that there is multitude of Earths that exist. Some almost identical to this one and some so radically different, you or I wouldn't even recognize it. In many of these Earths there are identical versions of ourselves but they lead entirely different lives."

"How is that?"

"Well, whenever you are faced with a choice, there is an alternate you that at that exact moment, is facing that same choice. You will choose your path and the other you will choose the other. For every choice you make, another you chooses the opposite and another you will choose the opposite of that yous choices. But that doesn't just apply to just you, that applies to everyone and every possible thing that could have taken place or will possibly take place."

"So...there is a world that has a me, that likes my sister?"

"Hahaha. Yes! But, there is also a you in another world altogether different, that doesn't even have a sister or a world with a sister that doesn't have a you."

"But, how does that mean you have no regrets, Uncle?"

"Well, with me, that means that on some worlds I am married with a great number of little ones running about and on some, I am the greatest athlete in the world. With others, I am the most despicable person to ever live; hated by all that know me. With that knowledge, when the time comes for me to pass on, I will know that even though I may not have accomplished everything that I had wanted to, that somewhere else, there is a me that has done it with such magnificent splendor that people amaze at it."

"I like this you the best, Uncle. 'Cause it is the one that I have."

"Haha. As well for me boy, as well for me!"

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