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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I’ve been seeing this new commercial for the Dyson blade-less fan.  It has no blades, so there is no buffeting, just a continuous stream of air.

Dyson is the same guy that has re-invented the vacuum cleaner and the air hand dryer.

I also think of him as the biggest self-absorbed, contentious prick there is.


Watch his commercials and if you don’t think that by the end of them; that Dyson thinks that by re-inventing these items, he thinks of himself as God’s gift to re-invention or something.  He makes it sound that each re-invention is the absolute most fundamental thing and that it should have been discovered before now, but hasn’t till he came along.

Sorry Mr. Dyson if the rest of the world isn’t as super-brilliant as you are, some of have just recently evolved from knuckle dragging to walking upright, so pardon our lack of space age engineering that you so seem to have.  My apologizes, to you from myself and the rest of the evolutionary slackers that are abound.

I’m not knocking the actual products because I think of them to be quite brilliant and aesthetically pleasing, it is just that Dyson makes me not like them.  Not to mention, they are way too expensive for what they are. 400 dinero for a vacuum that doesn’t clog and 200 dinero for a 10-inch table fan that is better looking without any buffeting. 

Thanks, but no thanks. 

I will occasionally un-clog and change the bag on my current vacuum and deal with the buffeting from my old school fan.  Though, I never really noticed the buffeting from any fans and if I did, it didn’t bother me one bit.

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