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Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July

I may have said this in the past but I want to say it once more; I have nothing against religion.  Nothing at all.  I don't care if you bow to God, Buddha, the Great Spirit or a typewriter, just as long as you don't fuck it up for the rest of us.

What I mean by all of this?


I mean really.  Is it that hard for Sunday services and any other holiday celebration to be able to...share?  I think that was one of Jesus' tenets, but I could be wrong there and if I am, it should be.

Now what has gotten me fired up is that in my neck of the woods, there is the chance to see five fireworks displays in the area.  I know for certain that one of those 4th of July celebrations will be held on the 3rd of July with that towns parade and day long festivities following with their fireworks at night.  I believe that three other towns are also doing their fireworks displays on the 3rd as well.

This is like having your birthday as a child on a some other day for celebration just because some relative is off and it is more convenient for them; irregardless of what it is for anyone else.  This would be just cake and ice cream type celebrations, not any sort of party; just close family.

Now the 'big' city in the area; Panama City, was gonna have theirs on the 3rd like all the others, but they have now decided to change it back to the 4th where it should have been in the first place.

The only good thing about this; if you really want to call it a good thing, is that you can watch the fireworks at Panama City Beach, Grand Lagoon, Mexico Beach or Lynn Haven on the 3rd and then on the 4th, you can watch the big fireworks at Panama City.

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