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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Once more into the breach with another update of eye popping freshness for you to gasm over.

Yes, I said gasm.


I am a slight fan of the tv show Ghost Hunters on the ScyFy channel. Now if you are unfamiliar with the show, it is a group of people that go around the country and at times other countries to hunt ghosts. Now that doesn’t mean they go all Ghostbusters trying to catch the ghosts, cause we all know how that went with New York getting marshmallow fluffed. What they do is use equipment to prove or disprove that a place or area may or may not be haunted by using infrared cameras, thermal cameras, audio recording and EMF devices in their investigations. They are respectful of the area and of the spirits that might be there, because no one wants to piss off a poltergeist.

Now for the other guys…

There is a new show on the Discovery channel that is basically on the same vein of Ghost Hunters, it is called Ghost Lab and they do the same thing as the Ghost Hunters but with obviously a bit more money at their disposable. The GL goobs; as you can tell I am not a big fan with them, use the same techniques and equipment that GH uses, but GL tactics are a bit on the disrespectful side. GL taunts the ghosts, yell at them to try to invoke the spirits to making an appearance.

Not cool.

GH talk to the spirits, politely asking them to make their presence known to them. Whereas, the GL does not as stated earlier.

The GHs seem like the average Joe that has a regular daytime job and does this at night on their spare time.

The GLs seem more like actors that were cast for the show and given the equipment and some episodes of Ghost Hunters to watch to learn from. Personally, I think they need to go back to the gym and tanning booth while they wait for their agent to call with an opening for Jersey Shore.

Till the fates bring us together once more, I bid you adieu.

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