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Monday, December 7, 2009


Do what you say you are going to do.

That is the topic for today or week on this little brain fart of a blog.

What it means is just what it says, do what you say you are going to do. This doesn't cover promises that never are kept or one off mumblings that are never heard of once they go to the breeze, but entails those little declarations of trying to change or do something for the better than the standard norm. Meaning if I say on many occasion I want to get my Jeep fixed and back on the road; which is truth, then instead of constantly mentioning it to people that probably only care to the point of hearing it once, I should in fact make steps to that fact.

If you constantly harp on that you are getting fat and you tell everyone that you know even people that you don't; the fact that you have a problem with it should be more than enough for you to enact the change necessary to lose the weight. Failure to do so just makes you look like the little boy that cried fat. Even if others do not see a problem with your weight gain but you do, make the changes. Join a gym, walk more, diet or whatever it takes, as long as it is healthy for you.

I always hear people wanting to make changes or say that they are going to do something or want to do something; be like Nike and just do it. Stop talking about it, no one really cares and all we do is give you a sympathetic ear towards your plight, but truthfully, after awhile we don't care and stop listening to what you have to say because you do not have the will yourself to do what you need.

All you end up sounding like is the little boy that cried wolf; nobody listens to your cries anymore.

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